Overwatch Mercy Decals Wings Logo Patch

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Heroes Never Die! Show your love for everyone's favorite angel Mercy with these decals. These decals are suitable for electronics, cell phones, or even your car!

The decals come with a few options. For Mercy's "Wings", you can choose to keep or remove the text. Both decals have the option for black or white vinyl (black is pictured). Choose white vinyl if you're going to use these decals on a black surface so you can see it easier!

Square decal measures approximately 4" W x 2" H.
Wings decal measures approximately 5" W x 4.9" H.

Solid color decals are made with glossy Oracal 651 vinyl. This vinyl is rated to withstand 4+ years outdoors.Holographic color decals are made with Teckwrap vinyl. This vinyl is rated to withstand 3+ years outdoors.All decals can be placed indoors or outdoors. Decals can damage paint if placed on walls!

Application instructions:
1. Clean surface with rubbing alcohol or soap and water to ensure no sticky residue remains. Wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.
2. Take a straight edge, such as a credit card, and rub over transfer tape 3-5 times.
3. Remove the paper backing from the decal. If the decal does not stick to the transfer tape, return to step 2.
4. Slowly place decal onto surface. Take a straight edge and rub over the decal before removing the transfer tape another 3-5 times.
5. Peel away transfer tape slowly, starting at one of the corners. If the decal pulls away from the surface, replace transfer tape and rub with a straight edge.

***NOTE: Decals should be placed on smooth, flat surfaces. Decals may not adhere properly to textured or curved surfaces. No refunds will be given to decals applied on to surfaces that are not smooth and flat!***